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The world’s first online peer-to-peer marketplace specially designed for buyers and sellers of used ultrasound machines.



Because the following things don’t:


In order to make TUM a safe and secure environment for buyers and sellers, we use PayPal for payment processing, screen listing applications from sellers, and employ mechanisms designed to mitigate the risk of fraud and promote a secure transaction environment.


We believe that requiring sellers to list a price (rather than a “Call for a Quote”) promotes fair and informed transactions.

Cost Efficiency

We offer a simple and competitive flat transaction fee for buyers. Additionally, we believe that facilitating localized transactions will result in reduced shipping and transportation costs for both parties.


Our modern, intuitive, innovative, and user-friendly web interface will make shopping at TUM fast, easy, and convenient.


We are the only marketplace designed solely for ultrasound machines. By narrowing our focus to ultrasound rather than medical equipment generally, we can provide a service experience that is tailored to the needs of ultrasound buyers and sellers.


See what’s behind the curtain…for a change.

We use free market principles to establish fair and clear pricing without the “Call for a Quote” scheme and other tactics employed by some dealers to maximize margins and gain an unfair advantage due to your lack of access to information. In order to promote payment security and quality assurance, we also leverage the safeguards of PayPal’s payment processing system and require listing applications that are designed to detect any private sellers with fraudulent intentions.

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Free. You keep 100% of the sales price. No commissions. No fees. No exceptions.

In exchange for meeting our high standards for integrity, TUM is free for our sellers.

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